The National Math Competition


Have you ever dreamed of discovering your child special talent? Direct it? And let him/her live meaningful life?  We are here to foster the development of their capacities in scientific interesting ways.

The ITI and Faculty of Science-Cairo University initiated the National Math Competition (NMC) as a comprehensive powerful platform that promotes the development of math, analytical thinking, and problem solving skills of young talents in order to guide their promising careers.

The platform consists of three main components

  1. Evaluation: Through initial tests that require multiple choice or numeric answers.
  2. Training: Resources and online training to better improve the children analytical thinking, problem solving and mathematics skills.
  3. Competitions:National competition with valuable prizes to the best achievers.


    • Guide Talented students in the fields of mathematics and computing skills to better benefit themselves and society
    • Discover talent students in Math
    • Support students in self-assessment and capacity building
    • Change perception of Math and Information Technology

    Target Groups:

    • School age child (8-10 years)
    • Adolescent
      • Preparatory stage students
      • Secondary stage students
    • Young Adults
      • Undergraduates




    Hurry up and register now by filling the form in this link, register now and let the journey begin.